As a project manager working for a Bay Area REIT, I was in charge of renovating a large flagship property. The company wanted to incorporate a large water feature piece of artwork. We had ideas of what it should look like.  However, we lacked vision.  I found Carol through her website and we hired her to formulate a focal point water feature. Carol listened to our needs and desires, creating a concept sensitive to the architectural environment, yet fresh and bold. What resulted was a timeless piece of artwork beautiful in color, design, and prominent focal point for this property.  It was beyond what we had envisioned! She is a true artist in every sense of the word and the quality of the stone artisanship reflects the love of her work in the intricate details.  You end up with a gift of love and beauty to cherish for many years.

Belinda Ramirez
Project Manager Professional



Carol designed the centerpiece of the paved labyrinth in our parish courtyard project. When committee members reviewed her conceptual drawings, everyone agreed that hers was the most exquisite—she had exceeded our expectations. We were so impressed with the design, we also incorporated it into our Centennial Campaign Logo.

Carol is a talented artist whose creative genius lends itself to the extraordinary. For such talent, it is no wonder that her stonework is rooted in designs that combine the classical with current trends in landscape architecture. She is imaginative and able to bring her creativity to the environment she improves. Carol is tireless and works carefully as she completes her projects. From start to finish, she is a consummate professional in her trade making the landscapes surrounding livable spaces more beautiful and inviting. I recommend her as an exceptional artist and am very pleased with the work she completed for our courtyard.

 Fr. Rick Rodoni
St. Mary’s Church


Carol is a true artist.  She excels as a designer and her craftsmanship is meticulous. She transformed a mundane fireplace into a stunning work of art that both complements and elevates the look of my home.  I recommend Artistic Creations to anyone looking for a distinctive and beautifully crafted tile or mosaic project.  

Kathy W.
Coronado, CA


I had the pleasure of collaborating with Carol in 2012 on the creation of an outdoor fireplace. Since then, we have collaborated on several other projects. Without reservation, I recommend Carol every opportunity I have as she has so much to offer clients and projects above and beyond her art pieces. Carol joyfully juggles the creative process with that of executing challenging details one encounters when working on features that are outdoors and exposed to every element possible. She is consistently organized, conscious and respectful of project members, and clearly and tactfully shares her insights regarding how the art piece can best integrate into its surroundings.  Carol’s eye for color and detail is invaluable and with her extremely positive attitude, it is easy to push through design challenges that present themselves in the design and construction phases of a project. She is a person of high integrity, keeping her commitments and always going the extra mile to make sure the art pieces are not only beautiful, but also built to last, all while maintaining good relationships with clients, designers and other craftspeople involved in a project.

 Sally Stoik
Landscape Architect